Can You Escape?

International Games Day Escape Room The Willmar Public Library will join over a thousand libraries around the world in celebrating the ninth annual International Games Day. Get your team of 4-8 players (ages 10 and up), ready for an exciting challenge. Do you have what it takes to escape? Find out on Saturday, November 19th…
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So That’s How You Say It

Here is a list of commonly mispronounced author names. How many have you been saying correctly?   Avi – ah-VEE Chris Bohjalian – bo-jail-yen (first syllable pronounced like to tie a bow) Michael Chabon – SHAY-bun Paulo Coelho – POW-loo KWAY-lew Eion Colfer – Owen COLfer (Eoin is a very old Irish name, rarely used outside Ireland with this…
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Growing Garlic In Minnesota

  Master Gardeners Dale and Judi Lauer gave an informative presentation on garlic at the library. So what do you really need to know to grow garlic in Minnesota? Hardneck vs. Softneck Hardneck varities produce a scape. Typically, hardneck varieties have 4 to 12 cloves surrounding the flower stalk and because of the hard flower…
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Tropical Landscaping

Ines Sastre spends half of the year living in Puerto Rico. She presented a very informational program as part of our Master Gardeners series. Here are a few things I learned: Palms are a dominant element Bromeliads and orchids are another element Epiphytes are commonly used Many plants are from India and Asia Home gardens…
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Container Gardening Tips

Master Gardener Anita Lewison provided some great information for beginning gardeners. Here are some things I learned from her presentation: Proper Drainage – If there is not enough drainage, plants can rot. Drill or punch extra holes in your pots as needed. Light requirements – Put the pot in the selected spot and check how…
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