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Jul 25

Willmar Area Author Round Table


On Saturday, August 2nd from 2-4PM, we will be hosting the second annual Willmar Area Author Round Table at the library. We have 7 authors slatted to attend, all living within about an hour radius of Willmar. The books include fiction, nonfiction, mystery, and romance. This week, I will highlight a little information about the …

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Jul 18

Local Materials


Libraries are curators of local history in addition to providing popular reading material to its users. The Willmar Public Library has a variety of materials focused on local history. Below are a few of the selections that can be found. There are many more materials that can be found and we are more than willing …

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Jul 11

Powerful Books


Powerful Books  In this article, readers were polled about the most powerful books they’ve read. While we often think of books in terms of likes and dislikes, powerful books are those that leave an impression whether we enjoyed them or not and tend to change our lives. These books tend to be classics and whether …

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Jul 03

Whisked Away by a Book


Summer is here is full swing and for many that means spending time outdoors and vacations. Maybe you have vacations planned or maybe, like me, you are staying in town this summer. Fret not! Enjoy one or more of these reads and you will be whisked away to new lands, enjoying the plot or real …

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Jun 27

Print to Screen


There have been a plethora of movies based on books that have come out this year and many more are expected in the second half of 2014. While many movies that are derived from books disappoint due to the time constriction of movies, movie adaptations of books are extremely popular, one reason why Hollywood capitalizes …

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Jun 20



Mysteries are an extremely popular genre, checked out very frequently. Mystery writers are among the most popular in history, including James Patterson in the present day and Agatha Christie from the past. Mysteries have made their way into popular culture, such as the Sherlock Holmes series. So why are these so popular? There are many …

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Jun 13

Liked The Fault in Our Stars? Try These!


The much anticipated The Fault in Our Stars movie came out last weekend, making big bucks at the box office. When movies of book adaptations come out, they always become popular, gaining many holds at the library. Although a young adult novel, The Fault in Our Stars is being read by those of all ages. In …

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Jun 12

Summer Reading is Here!


School has officially let out which means it is time for Summer Reading! The Willmar Public Library has two summer reading programs, one for kids and one for teens. Research shows that kids who read during the summer are less likely to suffer from falling behind. Signing kids up for summer reading is a great …

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Jun 06

Summer Bestsellers


The New York Times Bestseller List is a great place to find popular reads. While these books usually have a wait time, sometimes you get them faster than expected. The bestsellers are always great books to read, especially in the summer. I’ve listed a few of the bestsellers that we have in our library but feel …

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May 30

New Reads


Summer is fast approaching and with it comes vacations, barbecues, swimming and a host of other activities. Many people catch up on reading, whether it is because they are on vacation, they read outside or some other reason. In honor of that I’m going to talk about a few new books we have at the …

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