Container Gardening Tips

Master Gardener Anita Lewison provided some great information for beginning gardeners. Here are some things I learned from her presentation:

  1. Proper Drainage – If there is not enough drainage, plants can rot. Drill or punch extra holes in your pots as needed.
  2. Light requirements – Put the pot in the selected spot and check how much light it will get during the day, before selecting plants.
  3. Feeding – Add a slow release fertilizer to the potting soil. Also use a liquid fertilizer on a weekly basis.
  4. Your plant list – Make a list to keep you focused. Purchase plants with similar light requirements.
  5. The tag – Read and save the tag. Information on plant tags may include the size, water & fertilizer needs, and in what zone it will be hardy. Our zone is 4a.
  6. Potting soil – Use soil for the whole pot. Using only soil helps maintain moisture retention.
  7. Garden how you live – No matter what your schedule, there are container gardens that will work with your lifestyle. Don’t have time to water? Grow succulents. Don’t have extra cash? use found items and garage sale finds for containers.
  8. Sometimes plants die – Even expert gardeners can kill plants. If your plant is looking poor, try to rejuvenate it by cutting it back to about an inch high.PicCollage