So That’s How You Say It

Here is a list of commonly mispronounced author names. How many have you been saying correctly?


Avi – ah-VEE

Chris Bohjalian – bo-jail-yen (first syllable pronounced like to tie a bow)

Michael Chabon – SHAY-bun

Paulo Coelho – POW-loo KWAY-lew

Eion Colfer – Owen COLfer (Eoin is a very old Irish name, rarely used outside Ireland with this spelling)

Louise Erdrich – Er-drik

Jeffrey Eugenides – yu-GIN-e-dees

Gillian Flynn – “Gil-lian” (Gil like a fish gill)

Cornelia Funke – cor-neelia foon-ka

Diana Gabaldon – GAB-uhl-dohn (long o)

John Grisham – jon GRISH-uhm

Brian Jacques – jakes

Lisa Kleypas – KLY-pus

John Le Carre – jon L-KAR-ay

John Lescroart – Less-kwah

Debbie Macomber – MAY-cumber

Chuck Palahnuik – Paula-nik

Jodi Picoult – jo-dee pee-coh

Annie Proulx – Proo

Ayn Rand – rhymes with line

Rick Riordan – RYE-r-don (first syllable is pronounced like rye bread)

J.K. Rowling – rolling

Louis Sachar – sack-er (rhymes with cracker)

Lisa Scottoline – skawt-uh-LEEN-ee

Ruta Sepetys – Roota Suh-pettys

Jennifer Weiner – WY-nur

P.G. Wodehouse – Woodhouse

Herman Wouk – woke

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