Willmar Seed Library

 New at the Library!

The Willmar Seed Library is a free program whose goal is to strengthen our community of gardeners by sharing seeds. The seed library operates on the honor system to maintain a well-stocked collection of healthy, viable seeds for the community to use. We encourage all members to learn basic seed saving techniques, but ask that beginners only collect and return seeds that are from easy plants.

Who can borrow seeds?

Anyone can borrow seeds, a library card is not required but we would be happy to help you get one!

What do you mean “borrow” seeds? How can I do that if I plant them?

At the end of the season, let a few plants “go to seed” and return the collected seeds to the library. The saved seeds don’t necessarily have to be the same variety that was checked out – and don’t worry, there aren’t any late fees for crop failure or accidentally eating all the seeds.  In that case, you can bring in non-GMO commercially packaged seeds to replenish the library.

How do I borrow seeds?

First, fill out a membership form and return it to the Information Desk to get your member number. Then you will be able to check out 5 seed packets per week. Feel free to take seeds of any variety, but only take as many seeds as you have space for in your garden.
Using your member number, record your choices in the seed check-out binder.

How do I return seeds?

Return thoroughly dried seeds in a sealed paper envelope with your name or member number, the plant name, variety, and year of harvest written on it. If you are new to seed saving, please refer to the list below for “easy” seeds.

*basil         *eggplant       *peas
*beans       *leeks            *peppers
*beets        *lettuce          *spinach
*carrots      *onions          *sunflowers
*chard        *parsley         *tomatoes